Why Neapolitan Pizza?

  • Because it makes people feel closer to Naples
  • It is a way to make those who emigrated feel home
  • It represents a traditional cuisine with innovation and creativity
  • We didn’t have high expectations, as we were not expecting to be so successful this soon, not only because our pizza is unusual, but also because we are “on wheels”
  • In very few years our brand SUD ITALIA has become a reference name for many. It is an Italian corner in an English market.
  • Our menu has been studied in its slightest details and utilizes only Italian products
  • We managed to capture the attention of a wide public since the very beginning, thanks perhaps to the use of our wooden oven, which is located inside our van, but also thanks to our name SUD ITALIA.

Our name became well-known in only two years in East London and caused great curiosity for our beautiful country, Italy.
We have a lot more to say, but our story has only just begun
The only piece of advice we have for you is to come pay a visit to our little white and blue van and try our pizza…

(Hey there, ENJOY YOUR MEAL!)

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