Neapolitan Pizza

Our Neapolitan pizza has something truly unique, because we use a blend of different types of Italian flour, with 20% wheat flour.

We don’t have any secret, as our dough is solely made with a few and simple ingredients, such as flour, water, yeast, and salt.

Also, we let our dough rise between 24 and 36 hours, which makes our pizza easily digestible and light.

"London like Naples: Silvestro's pizza a portafoglio conquers the City"

La Repubblica
About us

Pizza makes us think of home, Naples, and our home also happens to be pizza’s home too.

For us, Sud Italia represents traditional cuisine, with a twist, innovation and creativity.

We didn’t have great expectations, not only because our pizza is unusual but also because we’re on wheels.

But in a few short years, Sud Italia’s van – (we call them “Ape’s”) has become a mainstay at Spitalfields one of the most popular food markets in the heart of London, it’s a little corner of Naples in an English market.

From then, we’ve gone from strength to strength, bought more vans and set up in Hammersmith and Camden and sometimes we even take the vans out for a spin to wherever you need us! But even with those successes our passion hasn’t changed.

We study our pizzas in the smallest details, from dough, to sauces, to cheese, to toppings – utilising only Italian products.

Then, all that’s left is to fire up our authentic, wood-burning ovens and… welcome to Sud Italia, our little corner of Naples.

uagliù… BUON APPETITO! (Hey there, ENJOY YOUR MEAL!)

Where to find us
Excellence and passion

These two words are the right mix which, along with the word ”tradition”, mark the quality of our product.

All the love we put every day when we make our pizza is to be able to give you some emotions that you could feel only by coming to Southern Italy.

We put our SOUTH on four wheels and we brought it in the heart of London because, in the end what really counts is the atmosphere, feeling at home, and eating well.

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